Have I told you that you should probably shave people’s heads for them if you don’t like their haircut?

by Mitt “Mitt” Romney

You will meet lots of people whose hair
is not the right kind of hair.
Girls with short hair that makes them look like boys,
that is not so bad,
but boys with long hairs that look like not-boy hairs, this kind of thing is
not a right kind of thing.
When I was a youthful individual, such not-boy-haired boys
really upset me, and they might
upset you.
So my advice is to get four or five friends and
have them hold this not-right-hair-having person down on the ground while you
shave their head for them.
You will feel better and, chances are,
they will too.


About harlantfescue

Someone who is very likely better than you, as evidenced by the large fortune I have earned via inheritance.
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