Have I told you how much fun it is to fire people who provide services to you?

by Mitt “Mitt” Romney

Someday, many of you,
if you are important people with important fathers
and usually if you are the-right-height-or-higher people,
you may hire other people, who didn’t work as hard as you did,
to have important fathers or to have as much height as they should,
to do various things for you,
like wash your car,
or wash the bucket the other person used to wash your car.
You should know that it can be a lot of fun to fire these people
if they don’t wash your bucket well,
or just if you’re bored some time.
I like it when they cry.


About harlantfescue

Someone who is very likely better than you, as evidenced by the large fortune I have earned via inheritance.
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