Afterword, by Clint “Clint” Eastwood

I just–it’s–this book and the writing–do you–do you–does he–how do you deal with–the reasons for it and so forth. America isn’t–it’s not–if you think about–oh, you don’t–you don’t–I mean–traditional families and schools are the–the–we have to get back to–to–this is a great country.

When “Mitt” first — “Mitt” –he asked me to–I thought back to when I made the film–the movie that I made–it was–when I did Lady Godiva of–of–of Coventry and I thought about how–and there were so many people–it was such a great–George–George Nader was–and how America could be better.

I’ve got President–the President–he’s here and–I asked him what–what did you think–did you read–when will you–oh, you’re not? But you had something–you said some–but you haven’t–you shouldn’t say that. I can’t say–I had some friends–City Heat was a film that we–and Burt Reynolds and I–but you never–but we had some laughs back then.

Clint “Clint” Eastwood

This President–he’s not–it’s just–America and our loved ones


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